Our Approach and Philosophy


Our Philosophy

GlowKids is a unique Early Childhood Centre founded to provide both educational and intensive therapy programmes for children.  Registered as a Charitable Trust (Registration number: CC47631) , we deliver an educational programme based on the principals of Conductive Education, Sensory Integration Therapy  and Te Whaariki, the New Zealand early childhood education framework.


Our staff consist of qualified Conductors, Therapists, Early Childhood Teachers, and trained support staff.  We deliver a comprehensive programme that is focused on the needs of the whole child and is responsive to the aspirations of the child’s family/whanau.  Our programmes are structured to incorporate daily living and age appropriate activities in a functional and meaningful manner that addresses the needs of the child and develops independence.  This encompasses the areas of gross and fine motor skills, sensory needs, self-care, social, cognition and play.  Our vision is for “every child to reach their greatest potential”.



We encourage participation in a group environment which we believe stimulates learning as the children are motivated to challenge themselves.  In the younger years, parents/caregivers attend with the child, the goal being to enhance the family’s understanding of the child’s condition and needs, to ensure continued support in the home environment and wider community.

Family involvement is vital in the setting of goals for the child’s learning, as well as any other parties who are involved in the child’s immediate health and wellbeing.  Staff work in collaboration with the family/whanau and with other professionals to ensure the best learning outcomes for each child in order to achieve successful transitioning into their school years.


Feedback Welcome

GlowKids Trust is committed to the ongoing viability of the Centre through sound financial and management practices.  We seek and welcome feedback from parents/whanau and staff and are committed to continuous improvement through self review.  

Graduating With Confidence

Graduating With Confidence