Assessments, Therapy and Early Childhood Education






FREE Assessments

We offer a free assessment for you and your child to meet with our therapists and discuss your concerns.  We will ask you to complete a questionnaire  prior to meeting.  Based on the information you provide about your child, our therapist will select some toys and activities,  have a play with your child and spend time talking with you about your concerns and therapy options GlowKids can offer.


Conductive Education

Our Conductive Education specialists (Conductors) work with children with neurological motor disorders such as Cerebral Palsy, Dyspraxia, Spina Bifida and Global Developmental Delay.    Through music, rhythm and repetition the children learn independence for daily living.  Focus is  on building the child's sense of achievement so they learn to see themselves as an active and self reliant participant in the world. 


Sensory Integration Therapy

An Sensory Integration Therapist will provide an individualised plan of sensory and motor skill exercises to help your child move more safely and calmly in their environment, and navigate potentially overwhelming situations.  The program can include sensory diets (a home therapy program that helps your child remain calm and alert throughout the day) and Wilbarger Brushing Protocol (a therapy program to help kids who are easily overwhelmed by touch).


Early Childhood Education

GlowKids operates a Ministry of Education licensed early childhood centre and provides several preschool kindergarten classes for children with physical and neurological challenges, ranging from sensory integration to neurological motor disorders.

GlowKids has been life changing for our family. It’s not only changed our lives with a special needs child, but it’s changed the way we parent. I just can’t speak highly enough of it.
— Kelly Sinclair