Our Team

Our team of Conductive Education specialists, Sensory specialists,  Early Childhood Teachers, Speech Language Therapist, Art Therapist and support staff are highly qualified and dedicated to helping you get the best advice and therapy for your child.

Rebecca Chalmers

Sonya Sinclair - General Manager, Social Worker


Ildi Dittrich - Head Teacher

(Conductor, ECE and Early Intervention Teacher)

Gabi Kovacs – Conductor

Gabi Kovacs – Conductor and Sensory Integration Specialist

Frian Wadia - ECE Teacher

Frian Wadia - Lead Teacher, Sensory Kindy

                                       Toby Chen - ECE Teacher

                                     Toby Chen - ECE Teacher

                                Zsofia Olah -   Conductor

                              Zsofia Olah - Conductor

Kelly - Administrator

Kelly Sinclair - Administrator

Merilyn Cheyene

Merilyn Cheyene - Housekeeper and our resident "Nana"



                                                      Elena Antipova - Speech Language Therapist           

                                                    Elena Antipova - Speech Language Therapist




                                                       Russell Scoones  - Music Therapist

                                                     Russell Scoones  - Music Therapist

Once I had a Cerebral Palsy diagnosis this pushed me to find the best for my son which is how we ended up starting at GlowKids when Lochie was 18 months old. I arrived from Hawke‘s Bay for the 1st 6 week block of therapy with a little boy who could only roll one way, couldn‘t sit or even hold his own bottle. Our therapist at home had told us he will probably never crawl. After our 1st block of therapy he achieved all of these mile-stones and with continued 6 week blocks he is now able to crawl, walk with a walker, take a few independent steps and so much more. I don‘t know what we would have done without Conductive Education – I now have a happy active little boy.
— Lochie's Story