Classes & Individual Therapy Sessions


Free Assessments

We offer free assessments for children, whether referred by their parents/caregivers, families, Plunket nurses, health professionals or educators.

Anyone who might have concerns about a child’s development can contact us.


Conductive Education Individual Sessions

We offer individual Conductive Education Programmes for children who are not ready to participate in a group, or for children who are in their transition to mainstream.

Through this programme our Conductors work in partnership with the parents and their children to achieve their milestones.



In this class the Conductor works with parents and their children.  The focus is on children learning how to engage within activities which promote their sensory, motor, communication and play skills.

Children and families work together in groups and provide each other with mutual support. Child to child interactions are encouraged through the group atmosphere and the positive belief in their abilities to learn and engage.

Parents/Caregivers take away essential "tools" that they then incorporate into their child's everyday activities. 


Conductive Education Kindy

This is a typical Kindergarten class which skilfully integrates the learning of all of the early foundation skills including movement, play, language and communication, and cognitive skills.

The programme brings together Te Whariki with Conductive Education philosophies.  The detailed curriculum is designed to meet the needs of each child within the context of the group.


Sensory Kindy

Led by our specialised Early Childhood Teacher, with input from our Speech Language therapist & Art therapist, this programme incorporates:

  • Sensory integration

  • Behaviour

  • Motivational play

  • Communication (verbal and visual)

  • Social skills

  • Gross motor skills and co-ordination

Feel free to contact us now for further details and to complete a questionnaire and sensory profile for your child .




ConEd Kindy

ConEd Kindy

Beginners Class

Beginners Class

Junior Kindy